About Us

LAKHSSMI COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, situated in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu, functions educational services develop a sense of commitment and service, integrating teaching and learning process with an aim to impart knowledge and skills for the professional growth of the self and the community at large. We have committed ourselves to promote value-oriented education, contributing to the unity and integrity of the society by implementing innovative strategies, ensuring effectiveness of the programme”.

Our Vision is, “To develop a new generation of teachers and learners for a better society”. The above stated vision is targeted to produce student-teachers who are academically sound, well trained, dedicated and determined to serve the community and nation at large, environment friendly and value based intellectually well suited for the global trends and demands.

Our Mission

  • To train them for good citizenship.
  • To train them for leadership quality.
  • To inculcate social and moral values.