Educational Technology Laboratory
The Educational Technology laboratory is well equipped with computers with Internet facility. The lab is well furnished with Audio –visual equipments like LCD, OHP, Camera, DVD, Tape recorder etc., The students are using these facilities during Seminars, Micro-teaching sessions and for their practical works like Web site analysis and Power Point Presentations. Internet facility is highly utilized by the M.Ed., students for their research activities.

Physical Science Laboratory
The Physical Science Laboratory is well designed, furnished, equipped and ventilated. There are provisions for water supply, disposal, electrical outlets and storage of materials. The laboratory consists of apparatus, instruments and chemicals pertaining to X, XI and XII std., syllabus of Tamilnadu. The lab is well stocked to conduct various experiments in Physics and Chemistry. The student- teachers are trained in getting hands on experience in doing experiments as well as to acquire the skill of demonstration. They are also taught the skill of maintaining, organizing the laboratory works in order to enable them to be an effective teacher in the near future.

Biological Science Laboratory
Biological Science laboratory is well constructed and equipped with good ventilation. The Lab is arranged in such a way that it has a provision for both classroom teaching and practical work. The student teachers are trained so that they acquire the skill of demonstration and skill of drawing. The student teachers are trained in maintaining and organizing the lab so, that they become efficient science teachers. The students teachers are trained in doing many Biological Experiment like dissection, sectioning, slide identification and physiological Experiment, observation of Animal and Plant specimens etc.,

The college has a very good library. There are about 6750 books including reference books, various journals (both Indian and Foreign) and Magazines are available in our college library. Photocopying facility, computers with internet facility are also available.

Bus/van services are arranged by the college for students to commute covering various routes.

College is provided with a Canteen. The students are served with morning tea, snacks, lunch and evening tea. The canteen is opened throughout the day to cater the needs of the students.