I rate her highly as an actor, too

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Weeks after the documentary aired, Burke, now 29, filed a $150 million defamation lawsuit against Dr. Werner Spitz, one of the leading investigators on the program. In December, Spitz filed a motion for the lawsuit to be dismissed with prejudice, defending his Constitutional right to hypothesize and express his opinions about the case..

Which leaves us with the Moon waiting to be surveyed, claimed, mined and exploited. A lot of people will not have any problem with that. And do not get me wrong, I love the idea of humanity going back to the Moon and reaching beyond to Mars and the outer planets.

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Freddy didn find much tonight. But it a work in progress. Long way to go with that stuff. What’s even worse is that some stupid (there’s no politer way to describe them) women agree with this bullshit. ‘Aisi ladkiyan Bharatiya nari ki beizzati karte hain.’ When their husbands get home drunk each night and beat them to a pulp, that’s not a lowering of their respect; when a woman wearing pants lights up a cigarette in public, it is. Who would want to marry a woman of such character? I have the answer my father and my father in law and my husband, that’s who, and other men out there who are secure enough not to be threatened by women who consider themselves their equals.

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