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Weeks 2 5 were purely for planning and research. I read a lot of different methods for structuring a novel and sort of mashed them all together, taking elements from each and combining them in a way that made sense to me. You can find out the resources I used in the next article in this series, Week 2, Resources on Structure.

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Polak said they immediately denied the request and deemed it Her account was backed up by NDP house leader Mike Farnworth. Suggestion was made, he said. Was a very firm no. This is so luscious that you will repent missing it. If you haven’t tried it, try this as it will make you crave for more. Saltimbocca is cooked by lining it with veal and with a generous sprinkling of prosciutto and sage.

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The golf wasn’t great, but it was high replica bags competitive and both players showed us they’re far from being the has beens that cynics wanted them to be for the Las Vegas graveyard narrative. The television coverage was extravagant, the venue was dramatic and the contrived play off was exciting in its own way. What’s not to like? Well, here goes..

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