Indeed, Laos was very much instrumental in the foundation of

I get excited by things many may view as silly. For example, the driver who picked me up from the airport: I learnt he could talk eight of the 11 official languages; he was on the phone and kept using different languages, and that excited me.”On top of this, I now feel like black people in South Africa are starting to embrace themselves and own it.Gqola asked for Adichie response to her critics, who had slammed her for being charming and reserved in holding them [Obama and Clinton] accountable visibly surprised Adichie began by saying she was not exposed to critiques of her until they generated a loud noise, as she is not on social media.She said she was proud to have been seen as charming, referring to her two interviewees as women she loves and admires soWhile agreeing that the two women were flawed, she said this did not change her love and high regard for them, adding that she saw no reason to hold the wives of controversial figures responsible for the decisions of their spouses who were in office.Adichie also described how she wanted to craft a feminism rooted in precolonial Africa.Rather than being drawn to feminist theory, she said she was a storyteller more interested in people day to day lived experiences. She also encouraged the inclusion of men and boys in conversations on feminism..

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