It’s possible that somewhere on the internet you’ll find

Never in the animes do you see someone rocket the ground next to a suits feet then down swing them with a sword lmao. And for the people saying i need to stick with teammates i do lmao. I use to play smite all the time so my positioning is perfect. It’s possible that somewhere on the internet you’ll find someone who is having a tough time accepting the evidence that our forebears, after making their way out of Africa, interbred with Neanderthals, a species of ancient human already living in Europe at the time. Might it be difficult for these naysayers to accept that our ancestors mated with a losing species one that perhaps died out in the face of our excellence? Who knows. But the current scientific understanding of the matter is, the ghost of the Neanderthal genome is present in our DNA: Most modern humans of European and Asian descent carry around about 2 percent Neanderthal material..

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