Our Pearl, on the other hand, would rather stare at her Diamond

It could be head wasn’t screwed on just right. It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. But we think that the most likely reason of all may have been that his heart was two sizes too small. 353 points submitted 7 months agoFun fact: The Diamonds are “dressed” by their Pearls, as all Diamonds have no fashion sense. This is why every other Diamond besides PD looks well put together; their Pearls are busy doing their actual jobs.Our Pearl, on the other hand, would rather stare at her Diamond tight ass, which is why PD looks like she was dressed by a five year old who is infatuated with pink and ballerinas/princesses.This is also why Rose shows off as much cleavage as possible; it was on Pearl recommendation.Taupine 3 points submitted 5 months agoLike another comment already said, this place is pretty dead. The biggest event on this subreddit is probably the complete lack of events on this subreddit.A new book just came out and a whopping total of four comments have appeared to high quality replica bags discuss it in the official discussion thread.

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