While the unit has no power to ban speakers

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Fake Designer Bags He accused the Government of casting doubt on “both the pastoral care and intellectual preparation we offer our students” and said that the school will resist censorship and “remain committed to the principle of free speech and open debate”.Mr Yiannopoulos accused Theresa May, the Prime Minister, of being a “total fascist” and accused my response her of deploying “sinister counter extremist goons” to bar him from speaking.A journalist for the US right wing website Breitbart, Mr Yiannopoulos has gained celebrity status among Mr Trump’s suporters for his aggressive and deliberately offensive sense of humour.During an address to students at DePaul University in Chicago, black protesters stormed the stage and grabbed the microphone over his attacks on the Black Lives Mattermovement.The university’s president issued an apology and subsequently stepped down. Mr Yiannopoulos was invited to speak at his former school, from which he was expelled, by Professor Soderholm.A total of 220 sixth formers had signed up for the event with the consent of their parents. Buton replica wallets Friday the Department for Education’s counter extremism task force contacted the school after receiving a complaint from a member of best replica designer bags the public.While the unit has no power to ban speakers, it raised concerns about security surrounding the event as well as the potential of long term damage to the school’s reputation. Fake Designer Bags

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