“AstraZeneca has a plan to get more women into scienceThe report

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wholesale replica designer handbags Cambridge life science cluster to give economy 1bn boostExponential growth set to continue in biotechThe report, commissioned by pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, says 6,000 additional jobs could also be created by our biotech firms over the next 14 years.5 ways south Cambridge’s ‘looming traffic crisis’ could be stoppedOverall, the UK life sciences sector contributes over to the UK economy each year with almost a third ( of this attributable to businesses and organisations that are co located best replica bags online closely in ‘clusters’.The Cambridge life science clusterOver 430 companiesA workforce of more than 15,500 employeesAn annual contribution of to the UK economyBig names in the region include AstraZeneca, Abcam and pop over here Horizon Discovery GroupSites such as the Biomedical Campus, Cambridge Science Park and Granta Park provide world leading facilitiesThe Cambridge cluster, one of the most successful in Europe, is a vital hub for collaboration within the UK life sciences industry, with over 430 life science companies and organisations already supporting a specialised workforce of more than 15,500 and contributing around billion annually to the UK economy.Should the Cambridge life sciences cluster continue to grow at its current rate it has the potential to contribute a further per annum to the UK economy in 2032 and could provide 6,000 additional jobs within the same timeframe, the report says.Andy Williams, AstraZeneca’s vice president for Cambridge strategy and operationsAndy Williams, vice president for Cambridge strategy and operations at AstraZeneca, said: “A strong science base is one of the jewels in the UK’s crown. Life sciences clusters such as Cambridge, where our global corporate headquarters have been located since May 2016, enable the scientific community to break down traditional boundaries to drive innovation.”We commissioned this independent research to better understand how the opportunities within this cluster can positively shape its future, as well as the solutions we need to find collectively within this ecosystem to secure its lasting value, and ultimately address unmet patient needs.”AstraZeneca has a plan to get more women into scienceThe report, carried out on AZ’s behalf by Development Economics, outlines that securing this success will require a strong pipeline of buy replica bags online talent, access to research funding and early stage growth funding. It warns that, should current levels of talent and funding for the Cambridge cluster not be sustained, the economy could lose more than by 2032.Jonathan Dry, director for oncology bioinformatics in the IMED biotech unit at AstraZeneca said: “In terms of a scientific hub, Cambridge is phenomenal wholesale replica designer handbags.

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