Cops were also seen at a nearby block of flats

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Fake Designer Bags Everyone was routed into the library when it started.”Police dismissed earlier reports that a man was seen with a gun at the university, saying the suspect “was not carrying any weapons”.They said: “We are seeing reports that a man was seen with a handgun at the university this morning. These reports are incorrect.”We have arrested a 25 year old man on behalf of Nottinghamshire Police, he was not carrying any weapons and there is no one else involved in this incident.”Nottinghamshire Police said the man’s arrest was part of an “ongoing police operation”.At least four police vehicles were spotted in the city centre during the incident, as well as officers bearing firearms.Cops were also seen at a nearby block of flats. They appeared to be removing items from a property.One witness said: “There are two police vans and a number of officers at the scene. Fake Designer Bags

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