No one does one liners quite like you

I put on a black wig and some loose clothes where my boobs didn’t show, and I didn’t pull my waistline in. I went to a record store where I was going to buy some albums for some people. And as soon as I opened my mouth, someone shouted from across the store, ‘Oh my God, is THAT Dolly Parton?’ So I went home and put on my Dolly clothes and went back out.No one does one liners quite like you.

Breitbart sided with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump last year during the business mogul’s public spat with Fox News after anchor Megyn Kelly challenged him during the first Republican debate with a question about his past sexist remarks. Trump has since made amends with Fox,which is now his primary TV platform, and Breitbart has appeared to as well. The site recently publishedFox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle’s defense of Ailes as he became dogged by sexual harassment accusations..

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Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller said Mr Whitaker was the possible choice for who wants to protect the integrity of the Mueller investigation. Said the Acting Attorney General was of the few people at the Justice Department who weighed in on the record criticising the Mueller investigation, adding, don think that a coincidence. Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News the Democrats wanted to run investigations into Mr Trump, exposing information Mr Mueller has so far kept from the public.

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